Cadence Dairy Goats

Youth Field Day!

We had a wonderful time at the Monte Cristo farm with our Field day on March 22, 2014


Here was the flyer from the day - we will be posting individual sections and handouts as we are able to turn them into pdfs and make them accessible.  

These are great for many workshops or events and we use the information often. 

Please feel free to use these at youth events and project meetings, but remember that we put a lot of effort into creating them and make sure to credit us back. 


These two sections were designed for our newest members into the dairy goat world (Welcome!) regardless of your age. Good stuff to give you a head start.

Selecting your first kid - how to go about picking a goat kid for your project and what important questions to ask


What to Expect at Your Show - regardless if it is your county fair or an open show, your first show is exciting and scary and eventful. This should help let you know what to expect.