Cadence Dairy Goats


These are animals have left the herd to keep the numbers manageable, but whose genetic influence continues through their daughters. However their daughters remain in the herd and their genetics continues.


*M April Meadows Katie's Angel 

*6M Kastdemur's Misnomer 


 GCH Elm*Glen Brazil                                                                                 Goat-San Babys Morning Arabica                                                                     Cactus-Flower Flash Point

*M April Meadows Katie's Angel (ADGA Pedigree)

     D: April Meadows Holstein Sally
     S: South-Fork Charmer's Legacy
Birthdate: 3/18/07















Katie is one of the favorite goats and restarted the Liberty Ranch lamancha herd.  Not only does she pay her keep by the milk production, she has personality to boot. We do not have official records on any of our does at this time, but Katie is easily averaging 5 to 7lbs per milking. She out milks the Saanens by far (and is less mean about it too). She has a beautiful udder which is high and well attached. She has a wonderful front end assembly with some of the smoothest sholders we've seen.  Her largest problem is she is short. For all the milk she is giving you would think someone choped her off at the cannon bone. Regardless she is a very productive little doe.

Daughters in Herd:
Liberty Ranch Hot Arizona Nite
Liberty Ranch Hot Alaska Days




6*M Kastdemur's Misnomer (ADGA Pedigree)
D: Kastdemur's Ms Behavin'
S: Shammy's Bad Media Frenzy

Birthdate: 4/18/2010


Pictured as a 3yr old - Paso Robles May 2013 























Pictured as a 2 yr old first freshener at Sonoma County Fair

We were so excited when we got the call that Misnomer was available and jumped at the chance to bring her into our herd. We fell in love with her when we were up in Redding in January and she hopped right out of her pen to great us. She has wattles right under her little lamancha ear - like she is wearing earrings

A beautiful long tall dry yearling we was 2nd place yearling at CA State Fair and Sonoma County Fair. She is very correct in her front end and extremely level over her topline. We can't wait to see her freshen in the spring.


Picture: Thanks to Kastdemur's Dairy Goats for letting us use their image of her at the 2011 CA State Fair as a Dry yearling


Daughters in Herd:
Cadence EGB Charisma 
Cadence Déjà Vu

Breeding 2013: Misnomer will be bred to Copperfield. First doe is reserved 



2*M Liberty Ranch Hot Alaska Days AI (ADGA Pedigree)
     D: April Meadows Katie's Angel
     S: Becca's Too Hot To Handle
Birthdate: 1/23/10




 Picture: Shown at 1 year in milk.


Alaska is her mother’s favorite, but then when you have to choose between opinionated, slightly greedyArizona and laid back, calm Alaska, it is easy to see why. She is long, starting at her head and all the way back through. We could not have asked for a better set of doe kids from our first AI breeding. Alaska has bounced all over the place in her classes. She has a tendency to turn out in her front feet which may be partially attributed to a broken foreleg at a young age. Thankfully it healed nicely but her leg has a slight twist as a result. Her mixed results show season was capped in July when she won her class at the LaMancha Specialty Show at the California State Fair. 

Alaska doesn't have the flashy body that her twin does, but she is one of the most productive milkers in the herd. Earning her star as a yearling milker, she worked hard all season. Her daughters have done beautifully in the show ring, both being at the top of their class at one point or another. We will repeat that breeding in hopes of having another set of beautiful kids.


Daughters in Herd:
Liberty Ranch GSA Denali




Starlet Lace CP Midnite Azalea (ADGA pedigree)


    D: Starlet Lace Brambling Thistle
    S: Cisco CSO Olympia Pineapple
           Birthdate: 1/23/10


Azalea came into the world with a rough start, but she has done well through it all even winning her dry leg at the second show we attended!  She takes quite a bit after her sire with a beautiful and tight front end. Tall and wide, but not over grown she is quite a pretty kid. She is not nearly as level from hips to pins, especially when she is set up, but she levels out quite a bit more when on the move. I wish she did not insist on hunching up as soon as I set up her back legs (note the tail also tucked under her) because it make getting a reasonable shot of her very difficult.  As one of the does who was “leased” to our 4Hers she attended San Joaquin county fair and took Jr. champion of the registered does. Because she already acquired her dry leg, she will be left at home for many of the remaining shows.

As a yearling milker she had a lovely, albeit small, well attached udder. We has a second freshener we saw an increase in capacity in her mammary system



Her daughters in the herd include Bamboo and Celosia 




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D:  SGCH Elm*Glen Bruno Betty *M  EX92
           DS:  +*B Hillside Hobby Diamon's Bruno 
   DD:  Elm*Glen Beauty

S:  SG +*B Elm*Glen War Emblem 
SS:  +*B Winterwood's Musician
SD: SGCH Elm*Glen Exie *M  EX91

When we went out to start looking for a buck we both agreed a Lamancha buck would be the best purchase for the herd. At UC Davis Goat day we mentioned to Karen Senn that if she had any bucks for sale in the next year or so we might be interested. She said that she was thinking of selling Elm*Glen Brazil because she already had two sons she was keeping out of him as herd sires, we both knew that this was a chance we could not pass up.

Brazil came to us as an aged 5 year old buck with proven genetics in his pedigree and in his offspring. His dam took 2nd place in Nationals 3 years in a row and  his granddam took 1st as an aged doe. His Daughter Kastdemur’s Behave Yourself was first place three year old at the 2009 Nationals, another daughter Kastdemur's Bohemia appraised 92 EEEE.  His son Kastdemur’s Watch Yourself had the 2008 Jr. Get of Sire at nationals. Another of his sons, Kastdemur’s Slice of Life was a spotlight sale buck who sold for $9,100. Needless to say we feel so fortunate to be able to purchase him (Thank you Karen and Krista!!)

After earning his GCH title in 2010, we are finally starting to see his offspring in our own herd. At this point they are all young stock, but we can already see the strong consistency that he is offering. Just within our 2011 Brazil kids, of the seven within our herd - five have earned their dry legs. Bermuda earned her dry leg at her first show out (and was reserve junior champion in the first ring), Bolivia has earned 3 reserve Grand Champion titles and then earned her dry leg, Boo won Reserve Best Doe in Show at San Joaquin County Fair up against strong Alpine milkers. Berkeley has consistently stood at the top of her class in strong Lamancha competition and took junior champion at Gold Country. Biscotti won her leg in the first ring at the first show she attended (where she was added just to make numbers!). Baltimore and Boysenberry rounded out the list by both earned their dry legs in September at our final show.  

Brazil has left his mark on our herd and many others around the country. He died the summer of 2013 but his legacy will live on for many years to come.

Cactus-flower flash point


Goat-San babys morning arabica

D:  Kastdemur's StartYourUprising
           DS:  Dagron Taipei's Toronto
           DD:  Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 

 S:  Kastdemur's Rhone 
          SS:  Kastdemur's Watch Yourself 
          SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian









Pictures: Taken at 2 months clipped for first show



Pictures: These are unposed pictures at approximately 10 days old - this is his natural stance.

Our Senior lamancha herd sire comes from Trinity Smith of Goat-San Lamanchas. We were offered Arabica when one of her best does kidded with twin bucks who were "just too pretty to send to auction" and boy are we happy she didn't. Not only is he tall, leggy, with a high and wide escutcheon, his pedigree is incredible.

His sire is out of the 2x National Champion Evian, who also scored a 94 when appraised. Everything about this does is amazing. Additionally he has Kastdemur's Make7UpYours twice in his pedigree, a doe who is a champion and often comes in second only to Kastdemur's Evian. Height, milk, and show records run deep in his lineage.

At the 2012 National Show, his sire's litter sister - Kastdemur's Avena - took ADGA National Champion, following in her mother's footsteps. His sire had the 2nd place Sr Get of Sire. Rhone also had the 1st place Jr yearling.

His daughter, Buri, was retained in the herd and was not only Best Jr Doe in Show in 2012 but also continued on by taking 7th place Sr Dry yearling at the ADGA National show! As a milker, she is milking well and has a beautifully attached udder.

 Arabica's 1st place Recorded Grade Jr Get - DecafDoveDarjeeling. A beautiful set of kids showing off Arabica's strengths in General Appearance. 

His 2013 daughter, Decaf, followed suit and went Best Jr Doe in Show at her first show as a Grade kid! Dove also earned her leg at her first show. His intermediate LM kid, Denali, was 1st place at the District 8 Lamancha specialty show at REDGA. These girls are long, stylish, and well-put together and we are impressed with the improvements Arabica has made.


Semen available from us - contact us if you are interested. 

Cactus-flower flash point

D:  GCH Rowe's Falcon Florence
           DS:  Rowe's Maestro Falcon
           DD:  Rowe's Raven Flora 

 S:  Alize Red Hot
          SS:  Rowe's Arrow RedBud
          SD:  Nestor Acres Hot Jezzilbell



(Picture - freshly clipped at 2 year old)

 Last year only a few of our Toggenburg does settled to a Toggenburg buck so we knew this year a Togg buck was something we would need. Flash's dam wowed us when we had the opportunity to attend a southern California show this spring so when her son out of last year's spotlight sale buck came up for sale it was hard to by-pass that opportunity. 

Flash's sire was relatively unknown except for being a spotlight sale but that all changed in 2012 when Red Hot's twin sister became the ADGA Reserve National Champion as a 2 yr old. Red Hot's paternal half sister was also the 1st place 4yr old at the same National show!

Flash has a beautiful long body with a sharp correct front end. His angulation in his rear legs is striking and overall he is very eye catching.  We hope to use him on more does this year to get a variety of offspring to evaluate. 

2012 update : There is a saying that if you breed to a baby buck - you get bucks. Alas Flash gave only 1 daughter to our friend Emily at Edenn Ranch. As a grade, she placed 9th at the 2012 National Show and is a gorgeous little kid! All of our does bred to Flash delivered bucks. Unfortunately that means we will need another year to evaluate udders, however all the buck kids we saw were beautiful. We were very pleased with their general appearance and dairy character. We plan to repeat many of the breedings and hope that next year for more doe kids. 

Semen available from us - contact us if you are interested.