Cadence Dairy Goats

Herd Sires of Cadence Dairy Goats


    Barnowl Copperfield (ADGA Pedigree) 

    South-Fork BD Tricky Escapade (ADGA Pedigree)

     Liberty Ranch LSS Fairbanks (ADGA Pedigree) 



    KbarC LRR Gem Dandy (ADGA Pedigree) 


Breeding Policy 

Bucks are available for outside does to breed in the driveway. We do not have a place to board does so you must bring your doe in heat. If you need suggestions on how to catch your doe in heat, or estrus synchronization, please email us.

Your doe(s) needs a current (in the last 3 months) CAE test at the time of service. This is not just for our bucks' protection, but also for your does'. I reserve the right to refuse sire service to any doe showing indications of contagious illness including but not limited to CL, ringworm, soremouth, pinkeye or enlarged joints (regardless of test results).

Along with your doe you need to bring the following;

  • her registration papers
  • a strong collar and short lead rope
  • someone strong enough to hold your doe 

 Contact me with as much notice as possible either with an email (preferred) or calling/texting my personal cellphone.  Last minute requests will be accommodated as possible. DO NOT show up without confirming with me personally that someone will be at home. I will make every effort to get your doe serviced when you bring her, but please keep in mind that not all does, regardless of how raging the heat they may have appeared to be in when at home, will still be when you arrive at my house. I will not take the chance of personal injury to myself, my bucks or you to breed an uncontrolled or clearly not in estrus doe - she won't settle anyway!  

All young bucks are issued "Doe Only" service memos. This is a decision to protect and respect the genetics of the breeds we raise by only allowing proven bucks to sire more bucks. The world is full of mediocre bucks, we don't need to contribute more. Service memos given with a 4H discount are also issued "Doe Only". 


Barnowl Copperfield

 D:  Barnowl Hockus Pockus (picture)

           DS:  Kastdemur's Tach Lach 
           DD:  Barnowl Bewitched 

 S:  Barnowl Quantum Leap (picture)
          SS:  Kastdemur's Vigilante News 
          SD:  Barnowl Quidditch

 (Picture coming soon) 

Copperfield, named after the famous magician, was acquired from Barnowl Dairy Goats, another herd that shares the vision that LaManchas can be structurally correct and productive without being enormously large.

Copperfield is a cross of several of Barnowl's milkiest and showiest doe lines. Hockus Pockus is one of the highest producing does in the herd with incredible dairy strength. Copperfield inherited this beautiful rib and body capacity. Quantum Leap has the level top line and wide rump that stamp the Vigilante News offspring.

Copperfield's daughters drip dairy strength and open rib. Mammary systems generally are improved with greater length of fore udder, width of rear udder and overall capacity and corresponding production relative tot he dam.  Occasionally, the Copperfield daughters may be close between the hocks and a bit soft on their rear pasterns. 

Breeding Fee: Copperfield's breeding fee is $75 (4H/FFA discount available). 

Semen available from us - contact us if you are interested.  




South-Fork BD Tricky Escapade

 D: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick (picture)

           DS:  South-Fork Toi Soldier
           DD:  South-Fork Sweet Charity

S: Tempo Bode Miller (picture)
          SS:  Kastdemur's Vigilante News 
          SD:  Tempo Hannah

 (Picture coming soon)  

Escapade was reserved following my judging trip to Colorado in 2013 when I saw his full sister, South-Fork Sweet Hailey - an impressively powerful yet feminine doe. I just knew that I needed to add that combination to the herd.

South-Fork Sweet Trick VEEE91, Escapade's dam, was on the Top 10 list in her 8-year old lactation (the oldest doe on the top 10 list that year) and remains structurally correct into her mature years.  Escapade's sire, Tempo Bode Miller, offers the lovely general appearance of his dam, Tempo Hannah. 

Escapade has a strong set of feet and legs, his dam's wide, level rump, and a lovely wedged shoulder assembly. His daughters so far have improvements in rump structure, greater angularity to the rear legs, and improvements in mammary system with lovely globular udders that are smoother and longer in the fore udder, with greater teat delineation and closer teat placement.


Breeding Fee: Escapade's breeding fee is $75 (4-H/FFA Youth Discounts available) and limited quantities of semen are also available.



Liberty Ranch KSS Fairbanks

 D:  Liberty Ranch GSA Denali

           DS: Goat-San Babys Morning Arabica                                                                                                                          DD:  Liberty Ranch Hot Alaska Days 

 S:  Kastdemur's SA Stingray
          SS:  Kastdemur's Sting
          SD:  Kastdemur's Avena

I very seldom retain homebred bucklings, but when Fairbanks was born in January of 2015, the combination of pedigree and both his and his dam's structure was simply too tantalizing, and I haven't been disappointed as his first kids have hit the ground.

Fairbanks is sired by Kastdemur's SA Stingray, son of the 2012 National Champion Avena, and whose littermate sister scored VEEE91 at 3 years old.  Fairbanks' dam is one of my favorite does in the herd, Liberty Ranch GSA Denali. although a first freshener, Denali (Alaska x Arabica) made a quick stamp on the herd when she won VEVE89 (an 89 is as high as a first freshening doe can be scored in a standard lactation). Her mammary system is the outstanding combination of capacity and high, wide, extremely well supported attachments with nearly ideal teat placement and length.

The 2016 kids who have arrived have the strength in general appearance and dairy angularity to make them exciting additions to the herd. Fairbanks will be used extensively in the Fall 2016 breeding plans. 

Breeding Fee: Fairbanks' breeding fee is $50 (4-H/FFA discount available).












KbarC LRR Gem Dandy

 pictured @ 3 years, scored VEE89

 D:  KbarC KHC Bracelet

           DS:  KbarC DDC Hard Copy
           DD:  KbarC RR Karmen's Wearnpearls 

 S:  Legendairy Rhumba's Roustabout
          SS:  Marshland Arizona Diamondback
          SD:  Legendairy Starbuck Rhumba


On the recommendation of a friend, I had contacted KBarC the year before acquiring Dandy. Then, in spring of 2013, a trip to the east coast allowed me to get to know the Youngers and be able to hand select Dandy from their available buck kids. 

At that time, his dam, Bracelet, was an immature first freshener, but I hoped for great things knowing her pedigree, particularly her dam Wearnpearls.  Bracelet has since grown into herself. finishing her championship in the Toggenburg dense East Coast, and with a permanent 5 year old score of EEEE91. His sire hails from the equally as competitive Legendairy herd, out of their outstanding doe Rhumba EEEE92 and 2011 Reserve Best Udder.

 Since the Toggenburgs only make up about a quarter of the herd, Dandy has not yet been used extensively, but as his first daughters have freshened, I've been thrilled with the balanced, globular shape, extended fore udders and uniform width to the top of the rear udder. The junior does are stretchy with correct toplines and feet and legs, as well as the sharpness and angularity to complement it.

Breeding Fee: Dandy's breeding fee is $75 (4-H/FFA discount available) and limited quantities of semen are available.