Cadence Dairy Goats

Many of our 2017 kids will be availible for sale - please check out the Breeding page for spring kids as the arrive!

Milkers for Sale

No milkers are currently for sale, although 1-2 yearling milkers may be available later this spring.


Sale Policies


  • Cadence Dairy Goats recognizes and abide by ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (ADGA Guidebook, Bylaws, Article XIX).
  • To hold an animal, either as a reservation before birth, or purchased after birth, requires a $100 deposit (cash, check, money order or PayPal all acceptable). Without this deposit, the animal is not considered “sold” and can be re-offered at any point.
  • Kids will be familiarized with a bottle but dam raised unless the request for strictly bottle rearing is made in advance of the kid's birth. I will generally transition the kid(s) over to a bottle several days before the arranged pick-up date.
  • Once a deposit has been secured and the animal born, the buyer has 3 weeks to arrange transport for the animals after which time if the animal has not been picked up, a $2/day boarding charge will be charged unless arrangement for full dam rearing has been made and separately negotiated.
  • Animals must be paid for in full (including boarding charges) before they leave the property.
  • Unless otherwise requested prior to birth, kids will be disbudded, vaccinated and given preventative treatment for white muscle disease, floppy kid syndrome and coccidia, and tattooed prior to leaving the property.
  • The herd is CAE free and is routinely tested to monitor and maintain this status. We have no CL on the property and none of the animals have had an abscess.  Additional biosecurity screenings are available upon request of the buyer and at the buyer's expense.



For Sale - Junior Does

Junior Does for Sale: 

There is 1 late March 2016 LaMacha doeling still available. Otherwise, check the Breeding Page if you would like to reserve one of the does kids this year. Sale Pending

 2017 Doe kids are presently available.  See Breeding List for available kids. 

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If you are looking for a Buck kids you can click to the separate page where we will list potential herd sires as well as several wethers which can be sold as pets or as meat animals


Please email if you are interested in purchasing a kid.  



For Sale - Adult does

Every year we sell several of our milkers to keep our herd numbers reasonable. They are usually available starting in early spring and often we have some until the end of kidding season.

We love to see our animals go to good homes so if you are looking for a goat for a specific purpose please contact us and we will see what we have.


Currently for sale: