Cadence Dairy Goats

Spring-Summer 2017

2017 Spring Kiddings: 

Dam Sire Breed Price                Due Date   Notes  
Xymphony Dandy Togg $450 8-Jan                              no kids available
Yodel Dandy  28-Jun
Mia Dandy Togg $450 23-Jan 1b, 2 does - sold
Ensemble Dandy Togg $450 29-Jun
Eddi Dandy Togg $450 24-Feb  1 b, 1 d - retain
Stevie Copperfield Experimental $350 30-Apr
Grace Jackson Togg $350 7-Apr
Gavotte Jackson Togg $350 3-May
Hattie Jackson Togg $350 10-Apr
Arizona Escapade LaMancha $450 23-Jan 1b, 3 does (1 avail)
Alaska Copperfield LaMancha $450 23-Jan 1b (avail), 1 d
Brea Escapade LaMancha $400 16-Feb 1b, 2 doe (1 avail)
Charisma Escapade LaMancha $450 30-Apr
Carli Copperfield LaMancha $450 23-Jan 2 bucks
Denali Escapade LaMancha $400 15-Feb 2 bucks
Dublin Copperfield LaMancha $400 23-Jan 1b, 2 does
Emelia Fairbanks LaMancha $400 8-Jan 1b, 1 doe
Elliott  - - - - - - -  open 2017
Elizza Fairbanks LaMancha $450 24-Jan 2 b (1 avail), 1 doe
Fleur Escapade LaMancha $350 8-Jan 1 doe (avail)
Ferrari Escapade LaMancha $400 8-Jan 2 bucks                                  
Florida Escapade LaMancha $400 24-Jan 3 bucks (all avail)
Fiona Fairbanks LaMancha $150 8-Jan 1b, 1 doe (avail as pet)
Fairbanks LaMancha $400   11-Mar
Horizzon  Dandy Experimental $250 21-Feb 1 doe available
Geneva Copperfield LaMancha $350 9-Apr
Hazel Escapade LaMancha $350 9-Apr
Hawaii Escapade LaMancha $350 9-Apr


  ++ Confirmed pregnant by Biotracking or Ultrasound  Any bucklings listed as born but with no availability are available as pet/pack/brush clearing animals at $75 before 6 weeks of age or $125 after 6 weeks of age. 

Reservation Policy

An estimated price is listed on planned kids. This price will not increase on any reserved with a deposit kid for the given year. The price may change on unreserved kids after we evaluate the dam or kid after kidding, or to account for the increased expense of older kids. 

We do not maintain a large herd so are often willing to sell animals - both kids and milkers the might in a larger herd be retained. We reserve the right to keep any kid, but if you are specifically interested in a particular breeding please let us know. Every spring there are typically milkers and dry yearlings for sale as well as kids. If you are looking for a buck kid, please let us know early - the majority of buck kids are castrated by 4 weeks and sold as wethers. Buck kids are only sold if his dam meets my standards including production, structure and health. 

The herd is CAE free and is tested regularly to monitor and maintain this status. We have no CL on the property and none of the animals have had an abscess. We respect buyers' requests for testing on animals for purchase, but additional testing or interstate CVIs including the cost of the farm visit is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Email for more information.

As an ardent supporter of 4H and FFA and closely involved with youth development and education, if you are looking for a dairy goat as a project animal I would love to help you out. The standard youth project discount is 15% off the listed price.  If I do not have what you are looking for, I'm happy to make referrals to other local breeders I trust.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  209-499-1090