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The 2017 Kidding Season is rapidly approaching - first kids due January 7, 2017.  Please refer to the breeding list for planned pedigrees and reservations


Youth Field DAY

COMING SOON: 2017 Field Day Date!  





 The word Cadence is the underlying rhythm of any piece of music. This herd name is so applicable because as any goat-keeper can tell you, owning dairy goats create a rhythm in our lives and the drive the changing of our seasons.

Cadence Dairy Goats began as a joint venture between two college friends, Jennifer Tereba and Rebekah Clarke, who had both grown up showing dairy goats in 4-H and challenged each other to excel. Today Cadence is also home to Liberty Ranch - the herd that began as Jenn's 4-H herd in the mid-1990s. The herd moved solely under Jenn's management in late 2014 and continues to pursue the goals and vision of productive structurally sound dairy goats, youth outreach, and education for dairy goat enthusiasts of all ages. In addition to Jenn's does, her 4-H aged cousins Tabitha and Xenia maintain their goats in the herd and assist with care and management of the herd, particularly when Jenn is on the road appraising for ADGA or judging shows around the country.

We strive to raise strong, healthy, show quality animals, without giving up dairyness and milk production. The herd actively participates in an array of ADGA programs - ADGA Plus which includes milk production records (DHIA), structural correctness (Linear Appraisal) and DNA Typing, and participation in local, regional and national shows.

Please enjoy browsing the site, check out our breeding list, and click on any goat's name for more details about that animal. Updates are always a gradual and ongoing process, so if you are looking for specific information and an animal appears out of date, please email me!

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These three does were the foundation of Cadence and reincarnation of Liberty Ranch in 2008.