Cadence Dairy Goats

*M Xymphony


(Pictured as a 5 yr old - May 2012)


(Pictured as a 3 yr old - Aug 2009) 

*M Liberty Ranch Xymphony (ADGA Pedigree)

Permanent Score 8-03 VEEE90

Xymphony has quite the intriguing history. One of the first two Toggenburgs born back into my herd following college, she initially sold to an FFA youth home. Two years later, judging, I had to disqualify her because she was being show as a never fresh two year old. I inquired if they planned to breed her and when the answer was no, later offered a trade of a young doe, bringing her genetics back into the herd. She freshened for the first time as a 3 year old. Since then she has become a herd favorite and could be considered the PR woman as she's usually first at the gate to greet visitors with a cheesy grin.

Like her aunt Yodel, Xymphony represents lineage back to my foundation doe and is the sixth generation to carry the Liberty Ranch prefix. She is extremely dairy and angular, strong in general appearance, particularly in rump. Slow to catch up after not freshening until a 3 year old the first time, her mammary just keeps getting more capacious with small cylindrical, easy to milk teats. She scored VEEE90 both as a 5 year old 3rd freshener and again as an 8 year old.

Breeding 2016: Xymphony is bred Dandy for Senior Kids


*M GCH Yodel


   GCH Liberty Ranch Fraulein Yodel (ADGA Pedigree)

 Permanent Score 5-06 VEEV90


 Yodel was the first Toggenburg doe I brought back into the herd following college and student teaching. Her productivity and easy to work with temperament combine to make her one of the herd favorites. She notoriously carries triplets and has more offspring in working homes up and down the west coast than probably the remainder of the Togg herd combined. She has strong feet and legs, and dairy strength to match her production. Only her daughter Mia outmilks her in the Togg string.


Breeding 2016: After a late set of 2015 kids (July) followed by February 2016 triplets, Yodel has earned 2017 off, her first time in 9 years.


 Liberty Ranch CLD Do-Re-Mi (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Liberty Ranch Fraulein Yodel
    S: Clovertop's L Destiney

                 Birthdate: 2/23/2013 



The start of our Jr Togg show in 2013, Mia is sharp, correct, and really quite stunning. She was the Jr Champion at Sonoma County fair and Best in Show at the REDGA memorial day show. She was not shown much as a dry yearling, but we can't wait to see her next year once she is in milk.  

Breeding 2014: Mia kidded Aug 2014 and will milk through for 2015




 (Pictured as a milking 7yr old - May 2012)

 (Pictured as a dry milker age 6 - 2011)


  Red Feather Tecumseh Lanney (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Red Feather Protocol Lucy
      S: Lassenwood Sausalito Tecumseh
                 Birthdate: 4/8/2005 


When our good friend, Ben Rupchis, let us know about some nice Toggs that were for sale from a herd trying to reduce the number of breeds they had, we were excited about the possibility of acquiring a few more animals. We poured over the animals’ pedigrees and had top picks in our heads when we went to see the animals. It is funny how pedigrees aren’t the whole story. Lanney came to us a little leary of humans but willing to give it a try. As a 5 year old she acts as though she has seen it all. Once she discovered that occasionally we carry treats like apples and almonds – well let's just say you might have to watch your fingers from her excitement.

Lanney wasn’t our top pick from her pedigree (although she was certainly up there) but once we saw her we knew we had to have her. Her sire (Lassenwood Sausalito Tecumseh) is one of the best known bucks of the last decade and she certainly lives up to his reputation. Long, extremely level, and wide from her muzzle all the way back to her pinbones, she is an extremely powerful doe without giving up the openness and dairyness we love to see. After some reproductive challenges the first year, Lanney kidded this year with triplets and a lovely udder, then promptly appraised 90VEEE a few weeks later.

2013: Lanney earned GCH at Alameda Fair this year! She is well on her way to earning her permenant champion status and continues to be one of our strongest Toggs on the show string.

Breeding: At this point Lanney has two granddaughters in the herd and one daughter, she will be retired for the time being and enjoy grazing the hillside





Picture: Yearling milker, after taking 1st place at REDGA!

   Cadence 3 Cheers for Freedom (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Red Feather Tecumseh Lanney
      S: Rowe's Fairtrade Freedom
                 Birthdate: 4/7/2012

 Cheers is everything we have hoped for in this breeding and we are truely excited! She has a correct well attached mammary system, is already sharp and tall, and she is incredible long. Already she is milking well and hopefully with future freshening she will easily star. She has placed at the top of her class at nearly every show she has attended. 

Breeding 2014: In an attempt to get early kids, Cheers is bred to Dandy for February kids. 




 Liberty Ranch Duet (ADGA Pedigree

      D: Liberty Ranch Xymphony
    S: Cactus-Flower Flash Point

                 Birthdate: 1/2/2013 



Breeding 2014: Duet is bred to Dandy for February kids




Liberty Ranch RC Emprovisation (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Liberty Ranch Xymphony
    S: Redbird Cap-tin Counterfeit

                 Birthdate: 1/19/2014

 Breeding 2014: Emprov will be bred to Dandy




Cadence CFF 'Ello Sweetie (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Cadence Cherish the Moment 
    S: Cactus-Flower Flash Point

                 Birthdate: 2/24/2014

 Rebekah says she don't have favorite Toggenburgs - until this one came along. Maybe it is the name or maybe it is because she is simply stunning when you see her out in the pasture or maybe it is her stubbornness, but this one definitely has settled her place in the herd for a while. 


Breeding 2014: Mels will be a dry yearling




 Liberty Ranch Apache Edelweiss (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Liberty Ranch Fraulein Yodel
    S: Okie Ladies Jane's Apache

                 Birthdate: 3/19/2014

 After the huge success of the beautiful Mia when breeding Yodel to old genetics, we decided to try again. This year we used a relatively unknown buck from great milking stock. This kid has been stunning since the moment she stood up. Looks like Yodel may have repeated the stunning kid = we can't wait to see how she does this spring. 

We were able to take her to Nationals in Ky with us where she stood a very respectable 8th place in the large intermediate kids class.

Breeding 2014: Edelweiss will be a dry yearling 




Liberty Ranch RFF Ensemble (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Liberty Ranch CFF Duet
    S: Rowe's Fairtrade Freedom

                 Birthdate: 3/19/2014

 Breeding 2014: Ensemble will be a dry yearling




Cadence Ferrari Limitd Edition AI (ADGA Pedigree)

      D: Cadence 3 Cheers for Freedom
    S: Rowe's Rialto Red Ferrari

                 Birthdate: 4/14/2014


Breeding 2014: Eddie will be a dry yearling