Cadence Dairy Goats


 Rockin-CB LSA Carlizza (ADGA Pedigree)

    D: GCH Rockin-CB Soon Sizzle (2009 National Champion)
    S: Lucky*Star's RY Adam

We had a reservation on a Lamancha kid from the Rockin-CB herd. When we were in the final stages of planning our trip to Washington, Cindy mentioned that this doe was available to us.  We were beyond thrilled because this little doe's pedigree is hard to beat. Her dam, Sizzle,  was the 2009 National Champion and Best Udder. She was also the 2007 Reserve Best udder and the 2006 Reserve National Champion. On Carli's sire side, Her sire's dam ,Xhibit, was the #1 doe for production and butterfat in 2010 as well as winning multiple Best in Show and with daughters with just as many awards. Needless to say, there was no way we were going to turn down the opportunity to bring this kid into our herd. 

Besides her amazing pedigree, Carli is a beautiful little kid and we can't wait to see her in milk.

2013:  As a dry yearling with a dry leg, Carli didn't see much of the show ring, but when we did bring her out she easily took Reserve Jr Champion at Sonoma County Fair. Sweet as anything, we so look forward to her next year as a milker.


Breeding 2014: Carli will be bred to Arabica



     D: Starlet Lace Auric Bianchetta
     S: Elm*Glen Brazil
We really love this little kid! The smallest of triplets, Chaparral is correct and catches your eye from across the pasture. She is a little small to compete as a dry yearling, but she caught up without any problems and by later summer, she was just as large as the other dry yearlings. She easily earned her dry leg at Gold Country Fair. 
2014: She kidded on the 1st of January with Triplets! We don't know where she was hiding them, but when we saw her udder full for the first time at milk test we were really impressed.   She has been milking consistently with tests over 8lbs and with one of the best udder textures in the herd. She just keeps looking better and better as her lactation goes on. We want to give her enough time to put some weight back on, so she will be bred later in the year. 
Breeding 2013: Chaparral will be AI bred to Binning-Westport Joker. We are hoping to bring in some older style Lamancha with the long extreme dairiness Chaparral has. 


Starlet Lace GSA Darjeeling (ADGA Pedigree)

     D: Starlet Lace EGB Bermuda Grass
     S: Goat-San Babys Morning Arabica




Last year Bermuda gave us twin bucks last year who were beautiful - we had to repeat that cross. This year she gave us twin does who are stunning and eye catching! 

Smooth and fancy - Darjeeling has the eye catching color patten. She is level and has the increasing depth back to the flank that has repeatedly caught the judge's eye and has placed her 1st place at nearly every show.


Breeding 2014: Darjeeling kidded in July 2014 and will milk through for the winter. 





Starlet Lace GSA Decaf Chai (ADGA Pedigree)
     D: Starlet Lace EGB Bermuda Grass
     S: Goat-San Babys Morning Arabica





 A stunning kid - not as flashy colored as her sister, but longer and flatter with more brisket extension. Decaf won her class easily and went on to win Grand Champion at her very first show. THEN she stunned us all by winning Best Jr Doe in Show!! We are really excited about this kid and cannot way to see how she grows!


Breeding 2014: Decaf kidded in June 2014 and will milk through for the winter. 



 Starlet Lace BC Estuary (ADGA Pedigree)

     D: Starlet Lace EGB Chaparral
     S: Barnowl Copperfield


Last year Copperfield didn't give us very many doe kids but he made up for it this year with a few beautiful early Senior kids who we look forward to freshening this spring. 

 Estuary is no exception. She is huge! She has a beautiful, wide, level rump. She has a lot of power and strength. Hopefully she will take combination of strength and her mother's will to milk we will have much to look forward to. 


Breeding 2014: Estuary will be bred to Escapade